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Capturing Document Data into your system.

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Xtracta provides technology, powered by artificial intelligence that automatically captures data from semi-structured documents. Supporting scanned, photographed or digital documents, the technology is designed to be embedded into mobile, cloud or desktop apps via an easy to use API. Utilising machine learning and big data, the technology doesn't require manual template setup and can scale to a limitless count of document designs; perfect for document types like invoices, receipts, purchase orders & more.

Automated Data Entry & EDI made simple

The Xtracta App is a tool that will simplify the way you deal with data. The App is a single system that can break down your organisation's need for data entry through its automated processes. It can also remove the need to build and maintain complex EDIs - if the party you are getting data from can generate a document - either digital or physical, the App can send it straight into your system

Artificial Intelligence Driven

The Xtracta App is power by artificial intelligence technology. This allows the application to mimic the way a human thinks. From learning patterns for an entire document type (like invoice or purchase order) to understanding your organisation's specific documents, the App is designed to do the heavy lifting for you.

Advanced Features

The Xtracta App supports advanced features such as data matching, comprehensive validation and workflow. All options are fully configurable and it can easily integrate with your system to automatically sync data in to power these features.

API | Power your apps

The Xtracta App includes a powerful web API that allows you to build automatic capture directly into your web or desktop applications. With flexible licensing and re-branding options - bring automatic capture to your users.